father of bride speechesTips and Advice on How to Make Your Father of the Bride Speech More Memorable

To help make your father of the bride speech more memorable, start with an opening line that draws the audience in or makes them laugh:

Dearly beloved…Oops sorry, wrong speech…   these must be the priest’s notes!

I won’t try to be funny … What? That last line was serious!

I won’t try to be funny because that’s the best man’s job.   And I am fully confident that he will definitely try to be funny!

When it comes to the content of your speech, think about how to best reflect your own personality: are you the kind of person who is confident in cracking a few jokes for your audience? Or are you more comfortable with relating some personal memories and anecdotes? If you’re unsure of your style and would like to look at some examples of the best father of the bride speeches, click here!

In order to make your father of the bride speech more memorable to your daughter and the guests, here are just a few tips for you!

Tip #1: The father of the bride wedding toast must have meaning.

Mere words will never be enough in a father’s wedding toast; they must have meaning behind them. Such sentiment, however, can be delivered in a humorous way: the best wedding toasts are funny and clever in a way that will have everyone nodding and grinning. Even though your toast will be heart-warming, you also want to let everyone know they can laugh out loud!

Tip #2: Be in the moment

Use the cocktail hour and the early portion of the reception to mingle with the guests and hear their feedback from the ceremony. Reflecting on the day and imparting some of the guests’ own words to your daughter and her husband can provide a good starting point for your wedding toast, and remind your guests of why you’re gathered together – to celebrate!

Tip #3: The best father of the bride speeches make the audience laugh!

As you move into the main portion of your wedding toast, you should include a few well-timed jokes that are also corny in a ‘dad’ way. You are the bride’s father, after all, and this is one of the last times that you get to embarrass her in front of all her friends! Guests will also appreciate your corny, ‘dad’ sensibility, and even if your daughter turns a bit red from embarrassment, she’ll definitely be smiling! Do make sure, however, that your jokes don’t offend or hurt your daughter’s feelings. Father of the bride toasts should NEVER bring up past boyfriends or failed relationships.

The best man’s speech traditionally roasts the groom, but that doesn’t me you should refrain from a bit of light teasing yourself. He is part of the family now, after all! If you do decide to go down this path, however, try to run this by your daughter first: she’ll know best if her husband would be sensitive to a little ribbing. For more advice on what to include in a father of the bride wedding toast, click here!

Tip #4: Finish on a high note.

Though she’ll always be your little girl, your daughter is now a grown woman and married to a wonderful man. Ensure that the end of your speech discusses their relationship and demonstrates your support for their future together. A good way to do this is to include an anecdote about some time you’ve spent with the two of them: how do they function as a couple? When did you know that this man would truly be a part of your family? Even if you did not have the best first impression of the groom, or if you still do not particularly like him, this is not the time or the place to air those opinions. This is first and foremost your daughter’s day and the wedding and reception are a celebration of her happiness with this man. Your father of the bride speech will be a success if you stick to the positives and wish your daughter and her husband the very best for the rest of their life together!

There you have it! Some great tips to ensure that your speech is the best it can possibly be! When you deliver your father of the bride wedding toast, make sure to smile, relax, and have fun – today is a celebration!

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