wedding speeches father of the brideWriting a wedding toast can be very stressful, so let us help you out with these father of the bride speech examples! The following sample father of the bride speeches will help you write a speech that will make your audience both laugh and cry, and will surely stick in their minds for years to come!

Father of the Bride Speech Samples

A father of the bride speech should be funny, sincere, and also acknowledge other people in the wedding party. Your speech will be the first wedding toast at the reception, so you want to open up the formal proceedings in style! As a father’s wedding speech for daughter, the anecdotes that you choose to relate should be both humorous and sentimental in nature, and focus on your relationship with your daughter, the bride. The following father of the bride speech samples exemplify these characteristics:

From the moment I held Katie for the first time, I knew she would be the light of my life – and she still is to this day. Even through all of the toddler tantrums and teenage growing pains, I loved Katie with all of my heart each and every day. I also have to give so much credit to Lisa, Katie’s mother and my lovely wife. I speak for both of us when I say that we couldn’t be more proud of our amazing, intelligent, and beautiful daughter. You have become such an independent and successful woman – did you know that she still won’t let me carry her suitcase in from the car after she arrives home, and that she’s been doing her own taxes since she was 18? I guess that last point is my fault, being a stickler for accountancy – I even made her report income from babysitting! But now she scoffs at people who gripe and moan when April 15th comes around, and I could not be prouder

As Lizzie herself often admits, she rarely thinks before she speaks! As a child, this trait was even more pronounced, if you can imagine! When my wife was pregnant with our next child, Lizzie took great delight in pointing out other pregnant women – very few of whom were actually pregnant. A well-renowned food critic now, Lizzie’s first critiques took place during family meals out. She never hesitated in telling the restaurant wait staff what she really thought of her kids’ meal and milkshake! But her wit and honesty are two of the many reasons why I love her so dearly, and why she has made such great friends out of so many of you here today.

More Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Father of the bride toasts should also focus on the future. Your father of the bride wedding toast should therefore pay tribute to your daughter’s new husband, such as in this father of the bride speech example:

Charlotte was, for better or worse, born into a house full of boys. I lost my wife and the kids’ mother when Charlotte was only six years old, but I know she’s looking down on us today and smiling at what an amazing woman you have become. Being the only girl was sometimes difficult for Charlotte, but she adapted well. I think she was the greatest soccer goalie I ever had the pleasure of coaching, and I was so proud when she earned a scholarship to play at Georgetown. I was able to make it to all of her weekend games, and it was after one such game that she worked up the courage to introduce me to Mark. Now, as her father, I was slightly wary about this new young man in her life, but Mark quickly put these fears to rest. He has been there for my daughter through everything these past eight years, and I could not be more excited to welcome him into our family. I know you will have a happy and exciting life together, and I look forward to watching you continue to grow together.

We hope these sample father of the bride speeches help you come up with your own awesome father of the bride wedding toast. If you’re still struggling to put pen to paper, click here to see how to find inspiration for your speech! For more inspiration and advice, click here for more father of the bride speech samples!

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