best man speech examplesWriting your best man speech and delivering at the wedding reception can be a daunting task. Let us help you out with some best man speech examples!

All best man speeches should be funny, sincere, and acknowledge the other important people in the wedding party. Your speech will be the final wedding toast at the reception, so you want to close out the formal proceedings in style! The anecdotes and stories that you choose to relate should be both humorous and sentimental in nature, and primarily focus on your relationship with the groom.

The following best man speech samples exemplify these characteristics:

Tom and I have been best friends since we met in the3rd grade. Not much has changed since then – we still hate writing reports, The Simpsons remains our favourite TV show, and we both want to be velociraptors when we grow up. Over the past twenty years, we have matured in some ways. We now both have checking accounts and know what tannins are, and we’ve both been lucky enough to find amazing women who have, against all odds, agreed to marry us. For those of you who don’t know, Tom met Sylvia in Vegas, where Tom and I, and Sylvia and her girlfriends, all happened to be vacationing one spring. Tom and I were due to leave the next day, but jaeger-bomb hangovers, and the alluring draw of one particular woman, meant that we missed our flight. And the one after that. It only took two days for Tom and Sylvia to know that they were meant for each other, and after several years of long-distance and traveling back and forth across the country, they have made it to the finish line. Turns out, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As the baby of the family, Joseph didn’t have it easy. Myself and our big sister Sarah were quite sneaky in our tormenting, and sometimes I wonder how we all survived into adulthood. One evening, our mom called us all into dinner – it was summer, school was out, and we had spent all day playing in the backyard. Sarah and I were the only ones who turned up to the table, though. We didn’t give any information as to where Joseph was, despite her questioning. Mom finally went to investigate in the backyard, where she found our little brother buried up to his chest in freshly dug dirt. We had somehow convinced Joseph to let us stick him in a dirty hole in the ground, with the promise that we would dig him out after dinner and bring him extra dessert. Though perhaps less gullible now, Joseph is still the same in many ways – he puts his absolute trust in those close to him, and he’ll do almost anything for a slice of cake.In fact, this whole wedding might just be an excuse for Joe to have some buttercream frosting.

Your best man wedding toast should also pay tribute to the bride, her bridal party, and your fellow groomsmen, such as in this best man speech example:

Before recounting some wildly embarrassing – but true! – stories about Kevin, I’d just like to say what an honor it has been to be his best man. He and Emma are an amazing couple and I can’t help but think what an incredibly lucky man he is to have such a beautiful and kind woman by his side. Her bridesmaids have been helping her for months to pick out the perfect dress, design the invitations, and set up the venue for this amazing reception. I also want to thank my fellow groomsmen for helping me make sure we got Kevin to the church on time (turns out it’s a bad idea to have an open bar at a rehearsal dinner) and for being there for Kevin over the past few months as well. There may be hope for the rest of us yet!

We hope these sample best man speeches help you come up with your own awesome best man speech. For more inspiration and advice, click here for 25 examples of best man speeches!

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