bride wedding speechYou have a lot to deal with leading up to and on your wedding day, so don’t be nervous about learning how to write a bride’s speech –this guide will show you how to write a bridal speech in just five quick and easy steps!

Step#1: Start planning your bridal speech! 

Even though you have a mile-long list of things to do before your wedding, try to dedicate a few hours in your calendar for working on your speech. In between dress shopping, cake tasting, and guest list organizing, it’s easy for the days to slip away, so make sure you schedule time for this equally important task! Spend some time reflecting on your relationship with the groom, as this relationship should be the focus of your toast. If you’re struggling with thinking of what to say and would like some examples of bride speeches, click here for some bridal speech samples!

Step #2: Stay true to you.

One of the most important steps as you prepare your wedding toast is to be sure that you’re confident and comfortable with what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. There are as many varieties of bridal speeches as there are brides – so make sure yours is unique and reflects your amazing personality! The groom knows you well, and will expect your toast to reflect who you are and what makes your relationship so special. It’s important to stick to your own writing and speaking style when you go to compose your wedding toast, as this will ensure that your delivery will be confident and composed. Don’t feel the need to throw in several jokes or outrageous stories because you think you should give a funny bride speech. Likewise, if you’re not a hopeless romantic, the groom won’t expect you to quote from a love poem!

Step #3: A bridal speech should be personal.

You may be speaking to a large audience, but a bride’s speech at the reception should be focused on your husband and what makes your relationship special. Include an anecdote that exemplifies your relationship or highlights an important time in your lives. How has your relationship developed over the years? Was there a specific moment in which you knew he was ‘the one’? Though your bride’s speech should be personal, make sure to strike a balance. You and your husband will obviously have a unique and deep understanding of one another, and share several experiences that outsiders could not even begin to comprehend. So while it is perfectly acceptable to include an inside joke or two, do ensure that the other guests can enjoy your wedding toast as well.

Step #4: Even a funny bride speech can be clean and classy.

It is more than okay to write a funny bride speech, but please remember that weddings are family affairs – you don’t want your wedding toast to shock your husband’s grandmother or force parents to cover their children’s ears. This important proviso applies to the content, as well as language, of your toast: while you know that your husband’s favourite activity to do as a couple is naked karaoke, not everybody else needs to know this! A wedding toast should always be tasteful and appropriate for all age levels. This is not to say that you can’t have fun with your speech or include a slightly saucy double entendre– just make sure that, overall, your bridal speech is rated PG! For tips on what to include in your bride’s speech, click here!

Step #5: Don’t forget the rest of the wedding party!

While your relationship with the groom should be the focus of your wedding toast, it is also important for you to take this opportunity to thank your bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor.These ladies have likely helped you in numerous ways over the preceding months, and this is a great time to let them know how much you appreciate their love and support. You can also briefly thank the best man and groomsmen – even if you don’t know them that well (or if you think the best man is just plain trouble), they are the best friends that your husband has and have been there for him in the same way your girlfriends have been there for you. Finally, you should include a kind word or two about your parents – no matter their relationship with each other, they have been with you since the beginning and this is a wonderful moment to let them know how grateful you are for everything. Father and mother of the bride speeches will normally come before the bride’s speech, so it may be nice to respond to something said in your parents’ toasts.

Whether you’re giving a funny bride speech or a sentimental one, remember to smile, have fun, and celebrate your special day! If you follow these five simple steps, you will know how to write an outstanding bridal speech that your husband will remember for the rest of your life together!

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