funny wedding toastYou may find it nerve-wracking to write and deliver a funny groom wedding speech, but it doesn’t have to be a scary experience! A well-written wedding toast makes people cry, laugh, and will pay tribute to your wife on the most important day in your lives. Start by welcoming the many friends and family who managed to attend, then move on to thanking your bride’s parents for raising such a wonderful daughter. May sure you also pay tribute to the planners of this happy occasion, the bridesmaids, your best man, and of course your amazing wife!Here are some funny groom speech examples and advice that can make sure your guests are laughing and celebrating alongside you and your wife.

Part 1: Writing A Funny Groom Wedding Speech

Always Be Yourself

To this end, avoid writing an overly formal speech, as this is a fun celebration and therefore deserves a fun speech that reflects your unique and awesome personality! Several people intend to copy-and-paste other people’s speeches, thinking that they are good enough for their own audience. But these examples are meant to be guides, and you should make your speech original and your own. Try to inject some sense of humor as you draft your own groom wedding speech jokes. Also be aware of what your audience will expect to hear, such as stories about how you met your wife, your plans for the honeymoon, and how she is the best thing in your life. To learn how to write a grooms wedding speech, click here!

Make Your Funy Wedding Toast Short

As you write your funny groom wedding speech, ensure it will take no more than 10 minutes. The audience will start to lose focus when somebody talks for much longer than that, and there will be several other speeches after your own. Always study the mood of the congregation as many will be thinking of drinking, eating, or getting out on the dance floor. Highlight the major points concerning your relationship with your wife and, together with a few witty jokes, you will have it sorted.

Practice Your Speech

Not everyone can confidently deliver a speech in front of a large audience. The best groom wedding speeches take a lot of practice, so read your speech aloud to your groomsmen or your parents. Ask for advice and make sure to time yourself as well! Confidence comes with practice, so it is necessary to set aside time to rehearse your wedding toast. Make sure that you have note cards or the printed speech with you on the big day – you may think that you have it memorized or that you can ‘wing it’, but it’s better to be prepared than completely going blank when you’re stood up in front of your audience!

Part 2: Delivering a Funny Wedding Toast

Stay Sober

In order to do a good job, you need to stay sober when delivering even a funny groom wedding speech. This is your wife’s day as well, and you don’t want to embarrass her or yourself by slurring your words or being unable to stand up straight! While your friends may be putting drinks in both your hands during the cocktail hour and the reception, tactfully decline or set them aside until later.

Introduce Yourself

Even though you’re the groom, not all of the guests will know you very well, especially if the bride has a large extended family or college friends that you’ve never met before. Begin by saying, “For those who do not me, I am (mention your name), and today is a great day for me and my wife…” and then make sure that you cover important information such as how you met and a few milestones in your relationship.

Give Thanks

Here is where you need to appreciate all of the different people for making time to attend your wedding. The order should start with your bride’s parents, planners of the occasion, congregation, wife, and best man among others. Make them feel great and that they occupy VIP space during the occasion. If some guests have travelled especially far to join you, make sure to mention them as well and let them know how much it means that they want to be with you on your special day.

Hopefully that covers all you need to know about giving a funny wedding toast! If you need any further advice, click here to read some funny groom speech examples!

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