father of the bride wedding speechesHow to Write an Outstanding Father of the Bride Speech

Though humor may be some fathers’ cup of tea, perhaps joking isn’t your thing. Don’t despair! A father of the bride speech should also be as meaningful and pleasant as possible, and where crass, controversial jokes aren’t they way to go. Your audience are looking forward to a compassionate speech full of love and well wishes to mark the wonderful occasion of your daughter’s marriage.

The father of the bride’s wedding toast can carry a sense of closure and contentment for such a job well done. The presence of your daughter’s many friends and connections reaffirm the ties that bind your family to so many others. You will want to invite all of their best wishes towards the happy couple for a future together full of joy and health.

Read on for some advice and inspiration as to how to go about writing your speech for your daughter’s wedding day, and click here to see some examples of wedding speeches for father of the bride!

Plan ahead!

Your wedding toast will naturally want to focus on your wonderful daughter.Today is the day to let everyone know just how much you love your little girl! You are truly proud of her as she becomes a wonderful woman in front of your very eyes.

Anecdotes from your daughter’s childhood are expected and welcome, but try to pace your speech perfectly to build up to a heartfelt and sincere toast. A good suggestion would be to mention important milestones in her life. For example, reminisce about her excitement when she first went Trick or Treating in your neighborhood;when she attended her first prom looking all grown up and gorgeous in her gown; or how proud you were when she first got promoted.

You can wax lyrical at this point about how she has always been the apple of daddy’s eye and remind her politely that she still remains so. There will be a few moist eyes already at this point, so don’t hold back!Your toast should express just how overwhelmed you are to have given her away to day

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

If this is not your first daughter getting married, then you recall your previous father of the bride wedding speeches to help inspire and guide you as you write the next one. If you do need some assistance writing your wedding toast, don’t hesitate to ask your daughters for their advice – what did they find most memorable about your past toasts? Was there anything they would’ve added, or left out? You can also talk to other family members and friends who have given father of the bride toasts before – they will be able to speak from a father’s perspective and help you to understand what is expected of you on the day.

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, click here to find out how to write an outstanding father of the bride wedding toast!

Look to the future.

It is important to look towards the future goals your daughter and her husband will work towards. How do you see them functioning as a couple? What might they achieve together? Spend some time discussing their partnership, and demonstrate how proud you are of the two of them as they build a life together. This future may include children, or possibly does already, and if you know your daughter and her husband will be comfortable with it, do feel free to gently remind them about your wish to be a grandfather!

Try to include everyone.

Your speech will lead off the wedding toasts at the reception, and can therefore be a way to briefly communicate the wishes of others who will not have an opportunity to give a formal toast. Carefully consider the guest list and try to include an expression or term of endearment about as many of your guests as possible, especially those who may have travelled far or come at great expense.

Ultimately, your wedding toast is designed to capture the sentiments and emotions of one of the most important days in your daughter’s life– hopefully these tips have given you the inspiration and confidence to write an outstanding father of the bride speech that your daughter will remember for the rest of her life!

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