best man speechesThe wedding ceremony is over and you didn’t lose the rings, but your best man duties are not over yet. The reception has kicked off, and it’s now time to deliver your best man speech for your best friend on his wedding day – here are some proven tips, tools, and tactics for doing so!

Tip: Practice your best man speech early and often.

Writing a best man speech is difficult, but the real challenge comes in reciting it! Therefore, one of the most important best man speech tips is to practice, practice, practice. Read your speech out loud to yourself (or to the groomsmen!) a few times before the big day. Reading through things in front of others also helps to put your speech into perspective – while you not think an anecdote is particularly inappropriate, others may think otherwise! As with all public speaking, the more you practice your toast aloud, the less likely you’ll get tripped up by the words on the big day. You want to be able to relax and celebrate with your best friend, not be overwrought with nerves! If you’re still stuck on what to write, click here for some best man speech examples!

Tools: Pack the essentials.

Looking good isn’t just for the girls! You will be giving your wedding toast in front of a large audience – which includes professional photographers and numerous Instagram-ers – so it necessary for the best man to look the part! Unlike the girls, however, you won’t have a purse in which to stash a large assortment of tools, so thankfully the list is a short one! Tissues are a necessary essential – boys do cry, and a few tears are nothing to be ashamed of! Tissues are also great for wiping away any sweat, whether it be from nerves or from being trussed up in a suit all day, so be sure to pack a few in your pockets. You should also make sure you have note cards for your speech – while it may be tempting to just ‘wing it’ or recite your toast from memory, this often backfires. Even if you’ve memorized every word, it’s always best to have a hard copy to refer to if your find yourself blanking in front of a sea of faces!

Tactic: Stay dry.

While this tip could refer to the importance of antiperspirant (another important tool you should be sure to pack!), it is also a reminder to refrain from drinking before toasting your best friend in front of a crowded reception hall. After the wedding ceremony and a marathon session of picture-taking, the cocktail hour and an open bar might be tempting, but remember that you have all night to throw back Bud Lights and bourbon. It’s easy to overindulge after what has already been a long and hectic day, and you don’t want to find yourself unable to walk straight before giving your wedding toast! Remember that you will be standing during your speech and will be speaking to a large audience – abstaining from alcohol will ensure you can stand up straight and not slur your words. You and your best friend have seen each other at your worsts, but make sure you’re at your best for his wedding!

Tactic: Best man speeches should focus on the groom.

While all eyes will be on you during your best man toast, remember that today is about your best friend. Your speech will likely contain anecdotes about the two of you together, but refrain from telling any stories that might embarrass or upset him – the guests should be laughing with him, not at him! People tend to expect funny best man speeches which can border on the raunchy, but you should by no means divulge any details regarding his past relationships, sexual exploits, or excessive drinking/drug use. If you’re unsure of what to include or not include in your toast, click here for some examples of best man speeches. When delivering your toast, try to maintain eye contact with the bride and groom – you are speaking to them and celebrating their relationship together. This tactic also helps with your delivery: you’ll likely be reading your wedding toast from notes, but try to look up as often as possible. This will help you project to the guests and ensure that your best friend hears everything you have to say!

Tip: Have fun!

A wedding is a joyous occasion, and you should take this opportunity to celebrate your relationship with the groom. If you find yourself becoming nervous, a great tip is to find a quiet place before giving your best man speech and slowly read through everything one more time. This ensures the material is fresh in your mind, and also gives you a bit of time to collect yourself before delivering your speech in front the guests. Take a few deep breaths, smile, and enjoy yourself! Your best friend loves you no matter what, so have fun toasting him with your amazing best man speech!

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