grooms speech examplesThough you’ve been incredibly busy over the last few months, it’s now time to start thinking about writing your groom speech! You may be nervous about speaking in front of a large audience, but with these proven techniques, you’ll be able to write a fantastic groom wedding toast that your family and friends will remember forever!

Make Your Groom Speech Personal

When it comes to the content of your toast, a great technique is to try to focus on one or two anecdotes that epitomize the relationship between you and your wife. Was there a time when you supported one another through hardship or grief? Balance a memory like this with something more upbeat and fun, such as an exciting vacation you took to a Caribbean island or when you trekked across a mountain range together. These memories should exemplify your life together, and also point towards the future happiness you will have and the amazing goals you will achieve together. This is a fantastic chance to express your love for and dedication to your wife, something that doesn’t come along that often, so be sure to take it! Your guests will truly enjoy the sentiment behind your speech, and will appreciate the very personal memories you have shared with them. If you would like to see some examples of grooms’ speeches, click here!

Cover All Bases

While the focus of your groom wedding toast should be on your beautiful and amazing wife, don’t forget to spend a few moments thanking everyone who has gotten you to this day using this basic groom speech template. A great technique is to start your speech by recognizing any guests who have travelled particularly far to be with you, and to then move on to thanking specific people in your families and the wedding party. At the top of your list should be your and your wife’s parents: they have likely been very generous with their time (and money!) in helping you organize your special day, and deserve a bit of public recognition for their efforts! You should then move on to thanking the maid of honor and your best man, as the heads of the wedding party, before also thanking the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They, too, have been instrumental through both their friendship and efforts. It may also be a good idea to introduce the wedding party to the rest of your guests, especially if there were no introductions at the beginning of the reception.

In a Groom Wedding Toast, Timing is Everything

Remember that there are several other toasts at the reception, so another good technique is to err on the side of brevity when you’re writing groom toasts. Your speech should have a beginning, middle, and an end that helps the audience follow the important moments in you and your wife’s relationship. Be sure to include a few well-timed jokes or funny references. While your speech should definitely contain sentimental moments, don’t forget that a wedding is a celebration – so try to keep things light! Also remember the timing of your speech in the running order of the other wedding toasts. The father of the bride will have given his wedding toast before yours, and it will likely include a memory of his daughter as a child and focus on the parental relationship between father and daughter. Your speech should therefore focus on the woman your wife has become, even if you’ve known each other since your school days, and provide the guests with a picture of the amazing things your wife has achieved in the present. The best man speech will be the last toast at the wedding reception, and he will likely include several funny jokes or quotes as well. This means that you won’t have the same pressure to have the audience in stitches, and can therefore write a speech that balances humor and sentiment.

Hopefully you now know all you need to know about writing a groom speech that will touch your wife’s heart, as well as the other guests’. But if you’re still struggling to put pen to paper, click here for advice on how to write an awesome groom wedding toast in 5 simple steps!

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