wedding toastsIn addition to helping your son plan his wedding, the task of writing a wedding speech can be very stressful, so let us help you out with these mother of the groom speech examples! The following mother of the groom speech ideas will help you write a wedding toast that will make your audience both laugh and cry, and your son will remember it for the rest of his life!

Mother of the Groom Speech Examples

You may give your mother of the groom speech at either the reception or the rehearsal dinner – ask your son and his wife how they’re handling the wedding speeches! A mother of the groom wedding toast should be sincere, but can also be funny, and should acknowledge the many important people who have helped make your son into the incredible man he is today. To see some advice on writing a mother of the groom wedding toast, click here! A mother’s toast at son’s wedding should include stories that are both humorous and sentimental in nature, and primarily focus on your relationship with your son. The following mother of the groom speech examples exemplify these characteristics:

Daniel was always a bit of a class clown. He loves making others laugh, and he’s able to brighten anyone’s day with that amazing and infectious grin of his. It was always hard to stay mad at him, and I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I probably didn’t ground him as much as I should have during his teenage years! But my favorite quality of Daniel’s is his heart. After my husband, and Daniel’s father, passed away last year, he moved back into our family home for a few weeks in order to help me sort through paperwork, clothes, and the boxes and boxes of memories that had piled up. As we were going through an old photo album, Daniel made one of his signature witty comments – I can’t even recall the exact words now – and I started to laugh. It felt like the first time in months that I had allowed myself to smile, and I credit Daniel for helping to bring me back to myself and to get through that incredibly hard time. You’ll always be my little boy, but I’m so proud of the mature and grown-up man you’ve become.

It’s hard to think of just one memory that sums up Sean’s childhood, so I’ve decided to tell you all my favorite moment. We were hit by a blizzard when Sean was six, and while he and his siblings loved playing in the snow and being off school, his father and I struggled almost hourly with shovelling and making sure that the plows didn’t tear up our front lawn. One morning, I was speaking to a neighbor when Sean, who had been playing with his toy shovel in the driveway, came over to us. The neighbor commented on Sean’s shovel and asked if he was helping his mom and dad. ‘Yes,’ Sean said. ‘I do all the work around here.’ His face was so serious that it took all we could not to laugh. I’m proud to say that Sean is still a very dedicated worker, even if he has switched industries from snow shovelling to teaching.

More Mother of the Groom Speech Ideas

Your wedding toast should also pay tribute to the bride and her family, as this sample mother of the groom wedding toast demonstrates:

Ned is my oldest child, and only son, and I’m the first to admit that I will dote on him more than he probably likes. I still like having the family all together, or as many as can be dragged away from jobs and other things, for Sunday dinner each week. One week, Ned asked to bring home a friend to dinner – he didn’t specifically say Ashley was his girlfriend, probably nervous about any potential interrogation I might conduct. In the end, he nerves couldn’t be more misplaced. I adored Ashley from the moment she sat down at the table with us. She was kind, intelligent, and it was clear that she adored Ned and he adored her. Ned, I am so proud of you as my son and for asking this wonderful woman to marry you. And Ashley, I look forward to seeing you at more Sunday night dinners!

We hope these mother of the groom speech ideas help you come up with your own fantastic wedding toast that celebrates your unique and wonderful relationship with your son. For more inspiration and advice, click here for more mother of the groom speech examples!

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