best wedding toastAs you’re helping your daughter plan her wedding, the added task of writing a wedding speech can be yet another stressful task – so let us help you out with these mother of the bride speech examples! The following mother of the bride speech ideas will help you write a wedding toast that will make your audience both laugh and cry, and your daughter will remember it for the rest of her life!

Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

You may give your mother of the bride speech at either the wedding reception or the rehearsal dinner – ask your daughter and her husband what they’d prefer! A mother of the bride wedding toast should be sincere, but can also be a little funny, and the best wedding toasts acknowledge the other people who have helped make your daughter into the amazing woman she is today. The anecdotes and stories that you choose to relate should be both humorous and sentimental in nature, and first and foremost should focus on your relationship with your daughter. The following mother of the bride speeches exemplify these characteristics:

It’s easy to tell that Eva is an oldest child. She still loves bossing her two younger brothers around – even if they are nearly a foot taller than her now – and it’s rare that she takes ‘no’ for an answer. Eva is a natural leader as well, and I always knew that she would be successful in whatever she chose to do. I was slightly surprised when, at age 10, Eva declared that she would be an actress. We rarely took the kids to see films and their TV time was limited. Soon I found out that her school was holding auditions for a play, and she had become immersed in learning off a monologue for her audition later that week. As you know, Eva often succeeds when she puts her mind to something, and that audition was no exception. She won the lead role, and gave a great performance. So when she phoned me up one afternoon to tell me about a guy in her building that she had a slight crush on, I had a feeling that Eva would find a way to succeed there, too. And sure enough, I received a slightly frantic phone call a couple weeks later: she was about to go on her first date with Paul and was frantically trying to think of what to wear, how to do her hair, even try to gauge what funny stories were and weren’t appropriate to tell on a first date. I told Eva what I told her before every date, and what I still tell her now when she asks for advice, though that seems to be a rare occurrence these days! I’m so glad to welcome Paul as a new member of our family, and I know that he and Eva will have a successful, loving, and fantastic life together.

More Mother of the Bride Speech Ideas

Your wedding toast should also pay tribute to the groom’s family, using the ideas in this sample mother of the bride wedding toast:

Like any mother, I want to know that my daughter is loved and appreciated by those around her. We now live on opposite sides of the country, her in Miami and me and her father in Seattle, so this is even more important to me now. When Nicole told me she was seeing a local Miami boy, I was very excited for her but I also realized that this meant she might not make as many trips home as she used to, or start spending Thanksgiving in the sunshine instead of the drizzle. At first I was jealous of Hector and his family – they got to see my beautiful daughter so much more than I did! – but when I finally did meet them a couple Thanksgivings ago, all of those feelings disappeared. I could tell immediately that they were a warm and loving family, and had welcomed Nicole into their home and lives without reservation. She is so lucky to have David and Maria as parents-in-law, just as I am so lucky to have Hector as a son-in-law. I am so happy that we are officially become a family today, and I look forward to spending more time together in the years to come.

We hope these mother of the bride speech ideas help you come up with your own outstanding wedding toast, but if you’re still nervous about giving a speech, click here for a guide on delivering your mother of the bride wedding toast. For even more inspiration and advice, click here for more mother of the bride speech examples!

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