grooms speech examplesDon’t be nervous about learning how to write a groom wedding toast –this guide will show you how in just five quick and easy steps!

1. Start planning your groom toast!

Jot down some ideas as soon as possible, and dedicate a few hours in your calendar for working on your speech. In addition to your normal commitments and work schedule, you’re also planning a wedding – so it’s easy for the days to slip away! Though there are surely several to choose from, think about the highlights of your relationship with the bride – from here you can start to formulate a beginning, middle, and end to your toast, and ensure that you cover the milestones in your relationship. If you need some extra inspiration, click here for some wedding toast ideas!

2. Stay true to you.

One of the most important steps as you prepare your groom toast is to be sure that you’re confident and comfortable with what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. There are as many varieties of groom toasts as there are grooms – so make sure yours is unique and reflects who you truly are! The bride knows you well, and will expect your toast to reflect your own unique personality. It is therefore important to stick to your own style when you write your toast, as this will ensure that you feel comfortable delivering a speech in front of a crowd. Don’t feel the need to throw in several jokes or outrageous stories because you think that’s what is expected of a wedding toast. Likewise, if you’re not a hopeless romantic, your wife won’t expect you to quote from a Shakespeare sonnet!

3. A groom wedding toast should be personal.

You may be speaking to a large audience at the reception, but your toast should be directed at your bride and focus on what makes your relationship special. Include an anecdote that exemplifies this relationship or highlights an important time in your lives. The best wedding toasts often include the story how you first met, discuss a particularly difficult time you got through together, or recount the specific moment in which you knew she was ‘the one’. Though your groom toast should be personal, make sure to strike a balance. Including an inside joke or two is perfectly acceptable, but ensure that the other guests can enjoy your toast as well.

4. Keep it clean.

Remember that weddings are family affairs – you don’t want your speech to shock your wife’s great aunt or force parents to cover their children’s ears. This important proviso applies to the content, as well as language, included in your groom toast: while your favorite memory with the bride may be of when you went skinny dipping in a neighborhood lake, not everybody else needs to know this! A wedding toast should always be tasteful and appropriate for all age levels. This does not mean that you can’t have fun with your speech or include a slightly saucy double entendre– just make sure that, overall, the humor and language are rated PG! To check if your speech is up to these standards.

5. Don’t forget the bride’s family!

While your relationship with the bride should provide the inspiration for your toast, you should also mention her family! Traditionally, the groom’s toast follows a toast made by the father of the bride, and it is therefore an accepted practice for the groom to mention him and the bride’s mother in his own toast. How have you been welcomed into your wife’s family? Is there a way in which her parents’ relationship has inspired or strengthened you and your wife’s? If the bride’s parents do not have a positive relationship, think of individual characteristics within her mother and father which you admire or hope to embody. If the bride has siblings, you can also mention them in your toast and discuss a particular way that they’ve treated you as their ‘brother’. This emphasis on family can also lead into some hints about you and your wife starting your own family – her parents (and yours!) may already be eager for grandchildren!

When you deliver your groom toast, remember to smile, have fun and, most importantly, celebrate your wedding day! Short and sweet wedding toasts are great, so try to err on the side of brevity! If you follow these five simple steps, you will know how to write an outstanding groom wedding toast that your wife will remember for the rest of your life together!

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