how to write a short wedding speechSpeaking at a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve put together all you need to know about how to write a short wedding speech! In this article, you’ll learn all the basics about what to include in your wedding toast and some great tips that will ensure you write a fantastic and memorable toast that the bride and groom will remember forever!

What Great Wedding Speeches Include

It may seem like a daunting task now, but you are more than capable of writing a fantastic wedding toast! All great wedding speeches have a similar template that you can follow: below are the basic things you should include in your short wedding toast.

  1. Introduce yourself. Even if you’re the groom’s best friend or the bride’s father, not everyone in the room will necessarily know who you are!
  2. Give a brief account of your relationship with the bride or groom. Let the audience know how you know each other or are related. Maybe you’re childhood friends or family members: let the guests be able to contextualize this relationship.
  3. Tell a story about your time with the bride or groom. What is a moment or event that encapsulates your relationship? It may be the first time your son, the groom, came to you upset and crying; or when your best friend, the bride, first told you that she knew the groom was ‘the one’. The story can be sentimental, but do make sure to keep the overall tone light and celebratory – after all, it is a wedding!
  4. Toast the happy couple. You should end by mentioning the bride and groom together, maybe by relating another brief story that includes the two of them. Finish your short wedding toast by raising a glass to the bride and groom, and celebrate the amazing life that surely lies ahead of them.

Delivering Your Short Wedding Toast

Great wedding speeches are written and delivered in a calm and confident manner- but don’t worry if your nerves have gotten the best of you! Here are some great tips about how to write a short wedding speech that sounds amazing and will be the hit of the wedding reception.

  1. Start brainstorming early. The weeks and months leading up to a wedding can be incredibly stressful and busy, so the sooner you get started on writing your short wedding toast, the better! Jot down a few memorable moments you’ve shared with the bride or groom, and think of how these reflect your relationship over the years. Try to make sure your wedding speech has a beginning, middle and an end: this way, the audience can follow your train of thought and it won’t seem like you’re rambling.
  2. Always write your speech in your own words. While there are several examples of great wedding speeches out there, these should be used for inspiration and ideas: never simply copy and paste them into your own speech! Writing your wedding speech in your own words also ensures that you’re comfortable with the language and therefore won’t get tripped up when you go to deliver your speech in front of an audience of possibly hundreds of guests! You also have a very close relationship with the bride or groom, so they’ll know if what you’re saying isn’t natural or ‘you’. Don’t try to fool them! They love you for you and will adore anything that you have to say.
  3. Practice makes perfect! After you’ve written your fabulous short wedding toast, try to practice as often as you can. This will ensure that you’re familiar with the material and know where to pause for laughter or for guests to get a tissue to dry their eyes. Though practicing in front of a mirror is great, also try to practice in front of a few friends or family members. They can help give you a better idea about how the audience will react, and can also make constructive suggestions on what, if anything, should be changed or adjusted.

There you have it – all you need to know about how to write a short wedding speech that the bride and groom will remember forever! Use these tips and you are sure to write and deliver a fantastic short wedding toast!

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