wedding speeches father of the brideQuick Do’s and Don’ts for Your Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

So your daughter is getting married and you frantically wracking your brain for ideas of what to include in your father of the bride wedding speech. This will be one the happiest days of your life, but thinking of what to say in front of many people can lead to a bit of anxiety! What should you say, what should you not say? Here you can find some quick do’s and don’ts for your father of the bride toast.

The very first thing you should consider is that it is YOUR speech and YOU are free to say what you want and how you feel, so include stories and anecdotes that are important to you! You are a unique individual who shares a very special relationship with your daughter, and your personality and style should be reflected in your speech. You may be a funny dad or an emotional dad, and your father of the bride toast should demonstrate this! So whether you want to have your guests wiping their eyes or rolling in the aisles with laughter, make sure that you stay true to you. Take in a few of these tips to cover all the bases.

Wedding Speeches for the Father of the Bride: Some Do’s and Don’ts for you to consider

DO consider all the guests in attendance and thank everyone appropriately. Mention special guests who have travelled a long way, or elderly guests such as grandparents for whom the journey may have been particularly taxing. This warm welcome is a lovely way to open your speech and ensures that everyone feels special.

DO make sure not to offend with inappropriate jokes. Keep the humour fairly neutral. While a light-hearted joke about marriage itself is relatively safe ground, do not use this speech as a platform to insult your (ex)wife or ridicule the institution of marriage in general.

DO try and have a joke at the groom’s expense, but ensure the joke is kind-hearted and isn’t rude or spiteful. Hopefully you know him well enough to know these boundaries; if not, try to have some more one-on-one time with the groom before the wedding, or ask your daughter for some advice.

DO speak about your daughter from the heart. Your father of the bride toast can be funny, but also ensure that it is sincere and is able to truly touch your daughter and your guests. Practice your pace and timing in order to build up to an emotional finale, and make that your father of the bride toast is the very best it can be. If you’d like some more tips on how to make your father of the bride wedding speech more memorable.

DON’T hint at any cracks in your relationship with your daughter. If you worked a lot and missed every soccer game or art show, a father’s wedding toast is not the time to talk about it! If you feel the need to repair your relationship with your daughter, it is best to do so before her wedding day, not at the reception in front of a room full of guests.

DON’T be drunk. This could be a disaster and is not proper father of the bride etiquette. Forgetting your speech or fluffing lines is bad enough, but being even a little drunk may be more apparent to your guests than you think. Your speech should provide your daughter (and your guests) with a lasting memory the big day, but it should be memorable for good reasons! Ultimately, this is a time to show your love for your daughter and to wish the happy couple the best of luck for the rest of their lives, not to take advantage of an open bar. Remember: once your speech is out of the way, the revelry can begin!

DON’T take up too much time. In general, wedding toasts should last no longer than ten minutes and depending on how much time you have and how many speeches there will be, it is best not to let your own speech drag on.In this case, less is definitely more! Your wedding speech should be loving, warm, and filled with memories of your little girl, so try not to disappoint your audience on this account. If you still need some advice, click here to see some examples of wedding speeches for the father of the bride!

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