grooms wedding speechComing up with groom speech ideas can be challenging and exhausting. You’re already incredibly busy with wedding planning, entertaining out of town guests, and mediating potential family feuds, so let us help you with these groom speech examples and groom speech ideas!

Make Your Guests Giggle with These Funny Groom Speech Examples

While the best man traditionally gives a toast filled with jokes and the occasional inappropriate anecdote, that doesn’t mean your own speech can’t be funny! Do make sure that the humor is suitable for all age levels (you don’t want to shock your great-aunt!), and that your groom speech jokes don’t insult or offend anyone. Here is an example of how your groom’s wedding speech can be funny, but tasteful:

As most of you know, Jenny and I met at a house party hosted by some mutual friends. What you may not know is that our first official date was at a great little Chinese restaurant in town. It’s one of those places where the furnishings haven’t changed since the 1970s, and the walls were covered in this plush, maroon fabric. Very classy. Jenny must have been anticipating the date as much as I was: she went to the hairdressers a few days before to get her color touched up, but it turned out a little darker than her usual auburn. When she arrived at the restaurant, I couldn’t help but tell her that I wanted to take her to a place where her hair matched the décor. Thankfully she laughed, not at all self-conscious about the hairdresser’s error, and it is Jenny’s sense of humor and innate confidence which make me love her more and more every day.

Sentimental Groom Speech Ideas

While a groom’s wedding speech can be funny and contain a few well-placed jokes, you should also remember that this is an incredibly special and once-in-a-lifetime occasion for you and your wife – so it’s okay for groom speeches to be sentimental and emotional! Here is an example of a groom’s wedding speech that is heartfelt and will have your wife (and the guests!) reaching for a tissue:

I think I always knew that Ashley was ‘the one’, but it took a tragedy to make me know that I absolutely, without a doubt, could not live without this amazing woman in my life. After my father died a couple of years ago, I was a mess. He was my role model and the man I looked up to more than anything. I didn’t handle his passing well, and I ended up shutting a lot of people out, including Ashley. But Ashley could see beyond my grief and anger, and knew that although I was hurting, I would one day be myself again. She never got upset with me, never forced me to grieve at a faster pace, and always let me know, through the tiniest gestures, that she was there for me no matter what. Ashley, I can’t tell you how much I am grateful for your love and support, then and now and always, and I am so excited to be spending the rest of my life with you.

Don’t Leave Anyone Out!

Though your groom wedding toast should focus on your relationship with your wife, it’s also important to pay tribute to your best man, groomsmen, parents, and other family members. The best groom wedding speeches do this at the beginning, and to keep these tributes short and sweet:

Thank you all so much for being here today – I feel so luck that Liz and I have such amazing friends and family! I want to especially thank my best man, Jason, and my groomsmen, Rob, Elliot, and Hank – they have been so supportive over the past few months, and you have them to thank for the menu tonight. Taste-testing all the different caterers was a tough job, but someone had to do it! I’d also like to thank my parents and my sister Joan. You love and guidance has been instrumental in making me the man I am today, and I can’t thank you enough.

Hopefully these groom speech examples have inspired you in writing your own groom wedding toast. If you’re still struggling to put pen to paper, click here for advice on writing a groom’s wedding speech, or find some more groom speech examples here!

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