best man speech ideasThe past months have surely been incredibly hectic – you’ve been a little busy planning your wedding, after all! But there’s one more item on your groom to-do list: buy a gift for your best man and groomsmen! Here are some great best man gift ideas, as well as some words of advice and inspiration!

The Personal Touch

The easy option would be to buy a few bottles of whiskey and some nice cigars for your best man and groomsmen, but gifts are always more meaningful when they come with a personal touch. This does not necessarily mean that you have to buy fully individualized gifts for every man in your wedding party. Rather, think of one element that can be personalized: cufflinks with each groomsman’s individual initials, a small memento from your shared fraternity or school, etc. Even if just one small element is personalized, your best man and groomsmen will surely remember the thoughtful gift you gave them! Find more examples of best man wedding speeches.

Money Matters

When it comes to thinking of what to get your best man and groomsmen, do carefully consider the time and effort that he has put in to making this day so incredibly special for you and your wife. Has he travelled a long distance in order to be with you on your wedding day and/or for other related events such as the wedding shower, bachelor party, etc.? If he has flown coast-to-coast or internationally for your wedding, do keep in mind that plane tickets and multiple nights of hotel accommodation quickly add up. This does not mean that the value of your gift should match his airfare, but if he has flown to Japan to stand by your side then a $50 gift certificate to Eddie Bauer is not going to cut it. Money and finances are always a tricky subject, and you shouldn’t take a person’s financial situation for granted. Your best man may be a high roller and own his own business, but he may also have a large amount of student loan debt, or be supporting his three children. Though your wedding will be incurring several costs, try not to skimp on this particular gift – it should reflect your generosity of spirit and be representative of the many years you have been in each other’s lives!

Some Practical Considerations

Don’t forget to consider the practical implications of your best man and groomsmen gifts. If you know they are flying in from the wedding, then it’s not a very good idea to get them Swiss army knives or large bottles of alcohol, as these items will not make it past security! Many airlines now charge for checked bags, which must often be done in advance of travel, so your best man and groomsmen may have no way of actually bringing your gifts home with them. Likewise, bulky presents such a sports equipment and some electronics, will be a hassle for them to pack and bring home. If you are set on getting your best man and groomsmen lacrosse sticks or coffee makers, take a picture of the item or print a picture from the store’s website, and put this in a wrapped box for them to open. You can then ship the items after the wedding, saving you all the hassle of lugging bulky gifts to and fro!

So What Should You Buy?

After reading all of this advice, the question still remains: what should you buy your best man and groomsmen? Ultimately, these are your friends and family and you know them best – so trust your instincts! It may be helpful to consult with your wife and compare notes: what does she plan to get her maid of honor and bridesmaids? If you’ve been a best man or groomsman yourself, think back and remember what gifts you received. Did you particularly like them or not like them? If so, why? Try to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to go shopping – don’t leave it until the last minute or you’ll end up spending a miserable and frantic weekend at your local mall!

Hopefully this article has provided you with some excellent best man gift ideas. Happy shopping!

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