short best man speechesIn between the bachelor party and suit fittings, the wedding is fast approaching and it’s time to start writing your best man wedding speech. But don’t stress about where to begin or how to start writing – let our best man speech structure guide you through the ins and outs of what your toast should include!

Basic Best Man Speech Format

There are a few simple formatting guidelines to follow when writing out your best man wedding toast. First, remember that you will only have about 10-15 minutes to give your toast. It’s always best to keep things short and sweet, as there will likely be several other toasts that have come before yours! The best man speech is the final toast at the wedding reception, and people will be eager to have another sip of their champagne and start on their main course: short best man speeches are the way to go! Start your speech by thanking your fellow groomsmen – they have likely been instrumental in helping you plan events like the bachelor party, and making sure that everyone is organized and prepared for the big day. The maid of honor may be giving a speech, but if she isn’t, you should also say a few kind words about her and the bridesmaids – the bride often has much more on her plate than the groom, and these women have given her amazing support over the past several months! The body of your speech should focus on your relationship with the groom – whether you are brothers, best friends since childhood, or about to become family ‘in law’, you should try your best to convey this personal and unique bond to your audience. A good idea is to recount two or three brief anecdotes that provide the guests with a sense of how your relationship has developed: include an early memory, maybe of when you first met, a funny memory of a time when you were ‘partners in crime’, and then a more recent story, preferably one that includes the bride as well and speaks to the relationship that the bride and groom have and why they are so perfect for one another. Although the best man is traditionally known to give a funny speech that borders on the inappropriate, this is by no means a requirement. Ultimately, the best wedding speeches reflect your own personality and speaking style: if you are not the joker of the bunch, don’t feel pressure to suddenly become adept at stand-up comedy! If you do throw in a few jokes or cheeky stories, there are a few things that are absolutely off-limits: NEVER mention the groom’s past girlfriends or sexual partners, and if you don’t happen to get along with the bride, this is not the time to bad-mouth her in front of her friends and family. Keep it clean and keep it classy! For some top tips on delivering your best man wedding speech, click here!

Example of a Best Man Wedding Speech

Here is a brief example of a wedding toast which uses the basic best man speech format detailed above. Good evening everyone! For those who don’t me, I’m James, Timmy’s best man. I’d like to start by thanking my fellow groomsmen – Patrick, David, and Jerry – who have been incredible in helping me plan the bachelor party and assisting in some of the set-up of the reception venue you’re all seated in now. Timmy and I first met at university, where we had weekly study sessions to help us pass an especially hard psychology class. These study sessions somehow relocated from the library to the bar, and we became fast friends. When Timmy met Angela, I could tell he was smitten. A few months into their relationship, he invited her to our house our for SuperBowl Sunday – I was already a fan of Angela, but her seven-layer dip won me over even more! I’m so honored and happy to be a part of your wedding day, and I wish you both all of the best in the years ahead. Can’t wait to see you for the next SuperBowl party! To Timmy and Angela. Hopefully this advice and information on the best man speech structure has helped you write your own wedding toast. If you still need some help with your best man wedding speech, click here for some more best man speech examples!

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