delivering the perfect wedding speechIt’s the big day and suddenly you’re nervous about delivering the perfect wedding speech – but don’t despair! This article has loads of wedding speech tips that will ensure you deliver a fantastic speech that the bride and groom will remember forever!

Delivering Great Wedding Toasts

Though it may seem like a stressful prospect at the minute, you are completely capable of delivering the perfect wedding speech! Here are some tricks of the trade to help you become a confident speaker who gives a fantastic wedding toast.

  1. Keep your options open. You may have several touching stories or funny anecdotes you want to relate to the audience – this is great! Having lots of ideas is a great place to start from, so don’t shy away from writing a few different speeches. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are several examples of great wedding toasts available online. These are a great resource for inspiration and general wedding speech tips, but do make sure that you aren’t just copying and pasting someone else’s speech into your own!
  2. Write your speech in your own words. Once you’ve come up with some great ideas for your wedding toast, do your best to write the speech in your own words and using language that you feel comfortable with. If you’re not a hopeless romantic, then the bride and groom will not expect you to start quoting from a Shakespeare sonnet! Likewise, if you’re not naturally comedic then they won’t expect you to make loads of jokes in your wedding speech. Keep things simple, and always write from the heart – don’t be afraid to let your emotions show!
  3. Practice, practice, practice. As with all public speaking, delivering the perfect wedding speech requires lots of practice. You should start off by practicing in front of a mirror. This will help you get comfortable reading the material aloud, and can also make you aware of any facial expressions, hand gestures, and/or body language you’re exhibiting. After you’ve practiced in front of a mirror, try practicing in front of other people. It might be especially helpful to practice in front of other members of the wedding party or wedding guests, as they can give you more personal feedback related to the bride and groom and what they might hope for or expect from your short wedding speech.
  4. Be prepared! Though you may be tempted to memorize your speech or just ‘wing it’ on the big day, do make sure that you have a hard copy on hand when it’s your turn to speak. Even though wedding toasts are generally short, no longer than ten minutes, this is a lot of material written down and you don’t want to forget your lines in the middle of your speech!

Some Final Wedding Speech Tips

It’s natural to be nervous as the time approaches to give your speech, so here are some final wedding speech tips to help you through those last minute jitters!

  1. Have some alone time. It may be hard to drag yourself away from your third cousin’s scintillating conversation about actuarial law, but if you are starting to feel nervous then you need to make sure you get a few minutes to yourself to gather your thoughts. Great wedding toasts require a calm, cool, and collected speaker so make sure you are just that!
  2. Go easy on the cocktails. An open bar is tempting, but it can be easy to accidentally overindulge, especially if you’re feeling a bit nervous. One drink to ‘take the edge off’ suddenly turns into Jaeger bombs with the groomsmen, and then you’re struggling to stand up straight during your speech! Remember that you have the entire rest of the wedding reception to knock back the Chardonnay, so try to refrain from drinking until you’ve given your wedding toast.
  3. Have fun! Don’t forget that a wedding is a celebration of two people’s love for one another, so make sure that you’re enjoying yourself! Smile, make eye contact with the bride and groom, and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Great wedding toasts require practice and dedication, but with these helpful wedding speech tips we are sure you’re on your way to delivering the perfect wedding speech!

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