bride wedding toastAs you’re planning your wedding, the added task of writing a wedding toast can be very stressful, so let us help you out with these bride speech examples! The following sample bride speeches will help you write a speech that will make your audience both laugh and cry, and your husband will remember it for the rest of your life together! If you’d like to know the five simple steps for writing a fantastic bride speech, click here!

Bride Speech Examples

You may give your bride speech at either the wedding reception or the rehearsal dinner – the choice is yours! A bride speech should be sincere, but you can also give a funny bride speech, and should acknowledge the important people who have helped to get to this day. The anecdotes and stories that you choose to relate should be both humorous and sentimental in nature, and primarily focus on your relationship with your husband. The following bride speech examples exemplify these characteristics:

I first met Paul at a party hosted by my best friend, fellow teacher, and maid of honor Lorraine. Paul actually wasn’t invited – he crashed in with a few other friends – but at least he had brought his own beer! I was trying to get my own beer from the fridge – an IPA, of course – when Paul blocked the entrance to the kitchen. ‘You can’t get by’, he said to me. I was obviously a little confused and somewhat put off – most people here know that I don’t respond well to people telling me what to do! I tried to be polite and excuse myself past, but he blocked me again. It was then I noticed just how cute he was, and that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if I had to stand here for a few minutes and endure his small talk and attempts at flirting. Well, a few minutes turned into a few hours, and I never did get to the fridge! We had our first date later that week, and were engaged exactly a year after we met. We still get completely wrapped up and absorbed in conversation, and there is never a dull moment – I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with Paul!

It’s amazing to think that Xander and I have already been together for ten years – we were lucky enough to meet when we were just 18, and while we’ve had our ups and downs over the past decade, we are more in love and dedicated to one another than ever. Our greatest obstacle so far was about five years ago – I was pregnant with our first child, and we had just moved into a new house, complete with our first mortgage, when Xander lost his job. This has not been the greatest economy in recent years, and he struggled to find a job in the same industry. We took this as a sign, and I encouraged Xander to switch fields and go back for a nursing qualification, something he’s always had an interest in doing. Well, as you know, he is now one of the most loved and respected nurses at the local hospital and even assisted in the delivery of our second child, our beautiful daughter Anna. I’m so proud of him, and so grateful for the support of our families and friends. We love you all!

More Bride Speech Ideas & Bride Speech Samples

Marriage speeches, and especially your bride wedding toast, should pay tribute to your and your husband’s families, using some of these bride speech ideas:

Before I start gushing about my amazing, handsome, and supportive husband, I want to first acknowledge and thank our incredible families who helped us get to where we are today. First and foremost, my parents Elizabeth and David have had to put up with me from day 1 – and that was not an easy task, I assure you! Throughout toddler tantrums, teenage strops, and multiple breakdowns about ‘life’ and the ‘real world’ post-college, they have been so understanding, encouraging, and have always believed in me. I love you so much! I also want to thank Andrew’s parents, Felicity and Jim, who have so warmly welcomed me into their family. I was a bit nervous about meeting them for the first time, as most girlfriends are, but they immediately put me at ease and I knew that we would get on so well. Thank you for raising such an amazing son – I only hope I can love him as much as you do!

We hope these sample bride speeches help you come up with your own awesome bride wedding toast. For more inspiration and advice, click here for more bride speech examples!

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