speeches mother of the brideWhile the mother of the bride has several responsibilities leading up to and on the day of the wedding, one of the most important is giving a short mother of the bride speech at either the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception. Here you can find all you need to know about delivering a mother of the bride toast!

What is the Mother of the Bride Toast?

Though this toast makes a regular appearance at rehearsal dinners and weddings today, this has been a relatively recent development – several wedding websites and magazines still do not include it in their guides to your daughter’s big day! The father of the bride will speak at the wedding reception, so the bride and groom may elect to have the mother of the bride toast at the rehearsal dinner. This is a more casual atmosphere, and the speeches given at the rehearsal dinner are often shorter than those given at the reception. If you have a special wedding present for your daughter, this might be an opportune moment to give it to her as well.

If you are giving your mother of the bride speech at the wedding reception, it will be part of a series of speeches and toasts done by various members of the wedding party. Every wedding is unique so make sure to double-check the running order with the bride and groom! Toasts during the reception are generally longer than those given during the rehearsal dinner, but your toast is still one of several being given, so do be wary of time and err on the side of brevity (the general rule is no more than ten minutes). People will be eager to have another sip of their champagne…

What Should the Mother of the Bride Speech Include?

Whether you are speaking at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception, your toast should focus on your daughter and your unique and exceptional relationship. Though the two of you have a special bond, make sure to consult with the bride’s father about what his speech will include – his wedding toast often includes an anecdote from his daughter’s childhood, as yours likely will, so be sure you aren’t repeating one another!Reflect on the time you and your daughter spent together, and consider how your relationship has changed throughout the years. How did you feel when she first came to you for advice? Was there a time when a fight with your teenage daughter turned into shared laughter or tears? As her mother and a woman, your relationship with your daughter will be inherently different from her relationship with her father, so try to include an anecdote that exemplifies your bond as women. If you’re still stuck for mother of bride toast ideas, click here to see examples of a mother of the bride speech, or ask for advice from a friend or family member who has given a wedding toast before.

Some Final Advice…

Besides the bride’s father, no other person has been with the bride all of her life. Try to paint a broad picture of your daughter for the guests, beginning with her childhood and ending with the woman she is today. As you are speaking at her wedding, it is therefore general practice to include a brief story about the bride and groom as a couple towards the end of your toast. Even if you had a bad first impression of the groom, or maybe still do not particularly like him, remember that he is the most important man in your daughter’s life – this is not the time to recount for all the guests how he once made a pass at you or showed up drunk at Thanksgiving! If you don’t know the groom that well, make an effort to speak to him before the wedding – a quick email asking for details about the ceremony, reception, etc. can help get the ball rolling – or ask about him more frequently when you talk with your daughter.

On the day, remember to keep your toast positive, be confident in your delivery, and smile! With this important information in mind, you now know all you need to know about delivering a mother of the bride speech!

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